Enhanced Value Marketing™

Enhanced Value Marketing

“Every Negotiation is Over Before it Begins.”

Sam Walton, Founder of WalMart, 1980

It’s a common misperception that negotiating is a fluid process with multiple possible outcomes.  Experienced negotiators, however, know that’s not exactly true.  There’s a lot you can do to influence the outcome and get the results you want.

Sam Walton understood the importance of preparation.  He never started a negotiation unprepared.  He always set the stage first.  He wanted to influence the way his opponent perceived the relatve strength of the two parties.  This helped him get the outcome he wanted – and he usually did.

What is good preparation?  In real estate, preparation involves two things:  research and presentation.  First you need to research the market to understand the competition.  Then you need to convincingly present yourself as the best alternative available in the market.  After you’ve done those two things, you’re ready to negotiate.

That’s the basic service we offer our clients.  We help you build the groundwork for successful negotiations.  We research the market and help you position your home in relation to the competition.  We find ways to present your home as the best available option for prospective buyers.  Then we design and implement a marketing campaign to reach the total universe of qualified buyers for your property.  We show home buyers exactly why your property is their best option at that price level.  We will have answers for all their questions.

Enhanced Value Marketing™

The marketing campaign for your home begins with research.  We first evaluate current and potential competition for your property to determine your home’s fit in the overall market.  This helps us find ways to creatively position your home with the goal of maximizing market value.  We try to shift the balance of supply and demand to better favor your home.  Sometimes this involves value-added upgrades or tactical home staging to differentiate your home from its competition.  When prospective buyers see your property, we want them to instinctively know they can’t do any better at that price level.   We try to create an impression of limited supply in the minds of potential buyers.

We advertise your home on all top real estate websites.On the demand side, we combine traditional home marketing techniques with advanced internet marketing strategies to reach the broadest spectrum of qualified buyers.  Traditional methods are still important because not every buyer uses the internet to search for homes.  Your home will be professionally photographed for both print and internet advertising.  We also film homes for virtual tours.  Most homeowners still like to have tasteful signage in their front yards, but our signs now display QR codes that link buyers to your home’s website via their smartphones.

Comprehensive internet marketing is vital to success in today’s marketplace.  You can be absolutely certain that your home will appear on the nation’s top real estate and social media websites where buyers are researching houses and neighborhoods.  The photography, graphics and description of your home will be excellent and fully convey its value.  We do not just advertise your home, we promote it.  We are engaged in the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus which we use to drive traffic to our clients’ home listings.  The Re/Max website (remax.com) is also one of the top real estate websites in the U.S. and attracts a high volume of traffic itself.

Enhanced Value Marketing is the process of shifting the supply/demand equation to better favor your home.  People say that real estate today is a “buyers market”, but you don’t have to play by those rules.  We find ways to help you beat the market with superior preparation.  Experience has shown that time spent up front researching the market and improving our presentation of your home leads to successful negotiations and closings.

You only have one chance to make a first impression – to show people the value of your home – so you want to do it right.  We help you effectively present your case and set the stage for a positive outcome.  That’s what Sam Walton meant when he said “Every negotiation is over before it begins.”  And that’s what we want for you.